Say it With a Sock Review – May 2016

This month we decided to review Los Angeles based sock company, Say it with a Sock. Say it with A Sock is the only sock of the month club that sends socks from a variety of different high-quality brands. They are kind of like a sock club for people who want to discover all the best socks out there.

This month Say it with A Sock sent us women's breakfast crew socks by Sock it to Me. The socks have bacon, eggs, forks and knives on them. These socks are are very soft and have a fantastic slip-on effect. They're perfect for pretty much any outfit you plan to wear. What person isn't going to freak out when they see bacon on your socks? (The answer is no one... except maybe a vegan.)

As far as sock of the month club's go, Say it with A Sock definitely keeps us on our toes. Not only do we get "the joy of a surprise every month" with regards to the actual sock we're going to receive, but also with the brand they send.

So dish up, and stay tuned for more fun sock club reviews!

Breakfast Socks from Say it with a Sock

Breakfast on a plate socks

Say it with a sock review

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