Say it with a Sock Review – August 2016

This month we filmed Say it with a Sock review. Say it with a Sock is one of the newer sock of the month clubs but we have been big fans of their socks. They are one of our partners and send us free socks to review.

Each month Say it with a Sock sends high quality and well known sock brands socks. This is a big advantage of Say it with a Sock as they send out consistently good quality and fun sock designs. They have several sock subscription plans where you can save more money by the longer of a sock subscription you sign up for.

This month we are reviewing their mens pattern socks. On their website, when you sign up, you can choose between pattern or graphic socks. They also have an either option for all you confused people out there!

They sent us a pair of Gallant and Beau socks. They are incredible soft and the color is very vibrant. We really like these socks.

Say it with a sock socks

Say it with a Sock Review

Say it with a Sock Review
The socks came in this really fun packaging. It is a plastic envelope that is heat sealed and zip locked at the end. This way you're socks won't ever get wet while they are being delivered. The packaging is super fun with lots of little graphics of different things they put on their socks.
Say it with a sock review packaging Say it With a Sock packaging

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