Say it with a Sock Men’s Review – September 2016

This month we are reviewing socks from Say it with a Sock, as a part of their men's sock of the month club. We always love the anticipation of opening a Say it with a Sock package, because we really never know what we are going to get. We chose to sign up for the "either" option, when prompted to select what socks we wanted to receive: men's graphics or men's patterns.

When we receive our monthly sock of the month club package from Say it with a Sock, we really do get multiple surprises. Firstly, we get an awesome pair of socks every month. Secondly, we get socks from a different high quality name brands. Thirdly, we get surprised by classic sock designs like polka dots and stripes as well as new-age funky designs like Ghosts and Tacosauruses. How often do you receive something that surprises you over and over and over again?!

When we received Say it with a Sock's bright blue package in the mail, we couldn't wait to open it and when we did, we were surprised time and time and time again.

Say it with a sock review

This month Say it with a Sock sent a pair of blue camouflage socks by Gallant & Beau as a part of their men's sock subscription. Known as the "Waterloo" these socks have hot pink trim, toe and heel, and are three shades of blue in the camouflage pattern. They probably wouldn't hide you from much, unless you went into a reflecting pool or joined the Blue Man Group, in which cause you'd blend in perfectly.

Say it with a sock blue camo

For those of you who aren't familiar with Gallant & Beau, they are a Los Angeles based sock company run by a very trendy British team. Their socks are very high-end, and are emerging as quite a popular brand among the sock fashionistas.

We really love how their socks look and how they feel when you slip them onto your feet. Unfortunately, they only make men's socks right now, so if any ladies are looking to receive a pair of Gallant & Beau socks in next month's sock subscription, sorry, but you're out of luck.

Gallant and Beau Socks from Say it with a Sock

We love these socks and think Say it with a Sock nailed it. If you're the guy that wears fun socks to the office, you're definitely going to get some attention when you wear these! They're cool and different, without being too kitchy or funky.

The only issue we could see someone having with these socks is that they have accents of hot pink on them. While, we genuinely feel this is not an issue as the hot pink is only in areas that go into your shoes and are covered by your pants, we could see some people being turned off by them. But hey, they don't call this sock of the month club fun for no reason.

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