Foot Cardigan Review + Unboxing

It's time to review one of the most well recognized sock of the month clubs on the internet, that's right, we're talking about a Foot Cardigan review. For those of you who aren't familiar with Foot Cardigan, they appeared on the popular television show Shark Tank in October of 2015.  While the Shark Tank episode ended with the founders of Foot Cardigan striking a deal with Marc Cuban and Troy Carter, it turns out that deal did not end up closing. Apparently around two or three deals made on air, never close for one reason or another. Nevertheless, because of Foot Cardigan this episode of Shark Tank really put sock of the month clubs on map.

Foot Cardigan brought great awareness to both the world of subscriptions as well as the world of sock subscriptions. As a result, they're kind of known as the Shark Tank sock of the month club. Well done Foot Cardigan!

Now let's get into this review!

Foot Cardigan Review

Foot Cardigan Packaging

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Foot Cardigan's socks come in a gray poly mailer bag. There is predominantly white text on the outside with a little bit of blue text. Foot Cardigan's slogan (as shown on the bag) is "Your Feet are About to Get Awesomer!". As far as packaging goes, Foot Cardigan does a good job of preventing against rain with the poly mailer, but their design is a bit lackluster.

Foot Cardigan Sock Review

Foot Cardigan: Packaging, Socks in Plastic, "Packing Slip" with Note

Tearing the bag open, we reached in and pulled out a white piece of printer paper folded like a letter. After unfolding it to see what was inside, we realized there was nothing to be excited about. In a very standard font the top of the paper reads "some people call this a packing slip". Below it gives your order number, the date you placed the order on, who the socks are being shipped to,  and who the socks are being billed to. Further down there is a header that reads "Things" with the details of the specific subscription ordered. At the bottom the header reads "Someone Wants To Tell You Something:" and below that is the personalized message from whoever sent you the gift.

As far as gift messages go in our Foot Cardigan review, this was not the most exciting—it didn't really stand out. Especially since it was attached to all of the shipping and billing information.

Foot Cardigan Sock Review

Foot Cardigan: Sock Packaging

Reaching inside to pull out the the socks, we were surprised to feel plastic inside of the bag. Upon further Foot Cardigan review, we saw that the socks were stuffed inside of a clear plastic sleeve. We've never seen this before. We're not sure what specifically, but something about the plastic sleeve is kind of unappealing, it doesn't make the unboxing experience as exciting.

Foot Cardigan Sock Review Unboxing

Foot Cardigan: Men's Sock of the Month

Dumping the socks out of the plastic sleeve, we saw that the meat of the sock was a blueish purple color, with red accents—heel, toe, and top trim. The design on the socks is a bunch of vegetables: avocado, onion, garlic, tomato, lime, red peppers, green peppers, as well as some white little accent dots. Basically, it seems to be all the ingredients necessary to make guacamole. Until we received these, we never really thought about spelling all the ingredients out like this.

Foot Cardigan Sock Review

As far as quality goes, this pair of socks seems slightly stretchier and slightly less soft than some of the other socks we've reviewed. These socks look like they'll hold up in the washing machine, but because of the colors, we feel like the dryer might show some wear on them making them duller.

Good Practice: If you have the time, it's always best to hang dry your socks! It preserves them for longer.

Foot Cardigan Sock Review

Foot Cardigan Sock Details

To end on a high note, we think this Shark Tank sock of the month club gets an A for design concept! On game days, or days when you plan to make guacamole, make sure to wear these socks to the market—you won't have to worry about bringing a shopping list.

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