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According to Austin based sock of the month club, Sock Club (yes very literal), 'it's that time again." The time for us here at Fun Sock Clubs to review this men's sock subscription that just showed up in the mail.

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When we first opened up our mailbox we immediacy recognized the Sock Club's packaging. A thin, cardboard-esq, brown envelope covered in black doodles. The doodle aspect kind of reminds us of Say it with a Sock's packaging, if you're not familiar you can check it out yourself.

The Sock Club Review

The Sock Club's packaging

The Sock Club Review

Detail of the Sock Club's packaging

When we flipped the package over we were met with a non-doodle side, that sot of reminded us of a news article spread. With all the text they have on the package, the most important things to know is that their socks are made in the United Sates (in North Carolina to be more specific) and that they are shipped around the world for people everywhere to enjoy.

The Sock Club Revew

The back side of the Sock Club's packaging

We tore the package open and pulled out their sheet of white printer paper with a note on it. The note talks about the inspiration behind the pair of socks we're getting today. It also talks about why you should stay connected and follow their social media accounts. The note itself is really cute, however, in terms of creativity the white printer paper is nothing special—with all the other fun note cards out there, this one is a bit lackluster.

The Sock Club Review

The Sock Club: packaging, note on white printer paper, and interior sock packaging.

The next thing we pulled out of the envelope was a piece of brown butcher paper with a thick red wax seal on the front embossed with "SC". After deciding that we didn't want to split the wax in half, we shook the butcher paper so that the socks would fall out from the bottom.

The Sock Club Review

The Sock Club: Sock Reveal (because we didn't want to ruin the packaging).

As we learned from the note, this month's socks are inspired by Spaghetti Western* movies and are known as The Sergio. The socks are a nice backpack blue color on the top trim, toe, heel, and entire sold of the sock. The rest of the sock is covered in horizontal stripes in red, orange, white and various shades of blue. According to the Sock Club's note, "The colors should remind you of a southwestern sunset or a poncho worn by the man with no name." The socks are quite nice.

The Sock Club Reivew

The Sock Club: The Sergio Sock

As far as quality goes, the socks seem soft and durable. Unlike most other sock of the month clubs,  Sock Club changes things up by offering three different sizes, small, medium, and large. If you place an order, remember to make note of this to avoid getting socks that are either too big or small.

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The Sock Club Reivew

The Sock Club: The Sergio - full sock

Overall, we think the Sock Club did a good job with this month's sock, The Sergio.

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