Sock Club Review + Unboxing + Coupon – August 2016

Today we're reviewing a pair of socks that we purchased from Austin based sock of the month club, Sock Club (such a fitting name).  Despite launching in 2012, Sock Club isn't as well known as some of the other sock clubs we review, but none of that matters now that we've found them. We're going to review them just like any other sock subscription service.

We want to start out by mentioning Sock Club's packaging—a flat, brown, cardboard envelope covered in black outlined sock doodles. It's beautiful, it's clean, it descriptive of the product, and we absolutely love it! We also love that it has an easy peel off opening strip. As you open the package you are reminded that the socks were made with cotton that was grown in the United States, and then you pull out a sheet of brown butcher paper wrapped around the socks sealed with a custom red wax seal. The wax seal is a really nice touch that makes you feel like you're receiving really something special and dignified. A+ for presentation.
S012p SC

After getting over the guilt of breaking the seal, we unwrapped the butcher paper to find that the socks were worth the wait. This specific pair of socks known as "The Juliete" is crew length, and a mixture of a few different classic sock styles. They have a bright orange, teal, and black argyle pattern at the top of the sock, but within the classic argyle diamonds there are some triangles filled with polka dots and stripes in addition to the typical solid colors. Towards the bottom of the sock there is a thin black and white stripe pattern complete with a solid black sole (which means both the heel and toe are black). The trim at the top of the sock is orange. You can tell Sock Club put a lot of thought into this color palette and design, because these socks are awesome.

Sock Club "Juliete"

This sock is definitely work appropriate. They'd be great to wear under your suit or dress pants to add just a bit of fun and color to your outfit. Or if you're on the more casual side of the dressing spectrum, pull them up high and rock them with a pair of shorts. Sock Club's crew socks are a little bit on the shorter side for crew socks, but they have some good stretch in them.

Unlike many of the other sock of the month clubs, Sock Club does not specify that they offer men and or women's subscriptions. Instead they offer three different sizes to choose from: small, medium, and large. To be honest, we're not sure how we feel about this because while they probably feel that they're socks are unisex, they definitely seem more geared towards men's designs. Thus, we'd definitely recommend Sock Club as a sock of the month club for men, however, we might tell the ladies to find a different sock of the month club geared towards women.

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