Foot Cardigan Review + Unboxing March 2016

Today we're reviewing the sock club featured on the hit show Shark Tank, Foot Cardigan. For those of you who need a refresher, Foot Cardigan is a Dallas based sock of the month club that offers sock of the month club subscriptions for men, women, and kids.

Now let's start the unboxing experience.

Foot Cardigan Review

Foot Cardigan: Packaging

Foot Cardigan's packaging is quite simple, a gray poly mailer bag with white and blue text. The only wording you see on the bag is Foot Cardigan's slogan "Your Feet Are About to Get Awesomer!"

Foot Cardigan Review

Foot Cardigan Gift Message: Packing Insert

Inside of the package we first pulled out a white piece of printer paper. The paper is a packing slip that informs you of your oder number, order date, shipping address, and billing address, as well as the name and quantity of your order. Towards the bottom of the paper there is also a section that reads "Someone Wants to Tell You Something." This is the area where someone sending a gift can leave a gift message for the gift recipient.

Foot Cardigan Review

Foot Cardigan: Package, Socks, Packing Details

We reached back into the package and pulled out a pair of socks and a pin, inside of a clear plastic bag.

Foot Cardigan Review

Foot Cardigan: Just Grilling

Again, we reached into the bag (this time the clear bag) and pulled out a pair of mustard yellow socks. These socks are named "Just Grilling" and feature cream colored spatulas all over the mustard yellow base of the sock. Clearly the name is quite fitting for the subject matter.

The sock accents (top trim, heel, and toe) are all a light reddish brown color.

Foot Cardigan Review

Foot Cardigan: Just Grilling Details

As far as quality goes, these socks seem quite soft and pillowy. However, when we perform the stretch test on them (pulling the sides of the sock away from each other), the socks do not look as great. That is, when you pull them far enough apart—this applies if you have thicker legs, or bigger ankles—the edges of the spatula look pixelated and slightly off.

Foot Cardigan Review

Foot Cardigan: Pin on Button

The last thing we pulled out of the plastic bag is a green Foot Cardigan pin presumably for Saint Patrick's day because it's green. The pin features the Foot Cardigan logo in white—a doubled lined "FC" and the F is wearing two yellow socks at the bottom. And around the logo the pin reads, "Kiss me, I'm wearing my Foot Cardigans!"

All in all, it looks like you'll go pinch-free on Saint Patricks day if you remember to wear this pin with your yellow and brown "Just Grilling" socks.

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