Sock Club Review December 2016 + Coupon Code

December is upon us, which means socks are no longer an option, but a complete necessity. So, if you haven't yet felt the need to cover up your toes yet, perhaps some of these sock of the month clubs will change your mind.

Today we're unboxing and reviewing Sock Club's sock of the month club for men!

Sock Club Review

Sock Club: Packaging

Sock Club's package is clean, simple, fun. The front of the package is a brown cardboard material envelope with black sock related doodles on top.

Sock Club Review

Sock Club: Packaging—Back

The back of the package is split into two sides. The left side says "It's That Time Again" in bold at the top, and below it reads the Sock Club mission statement.  The right side tells you that the socks are made in the United States out of American grown cotton and shipped around the world.

Sock Club Review

Sock Club: Packaging— Easy Open

At the top of the package, across both sides, it says "Open a Knitted Experience". Right above this is a striped easy tear tab that lets you wrip right into the package.

Sock Club Review

Sock Club: "Open a Knitted Experience"

Once you pull the tab off of the package, it's easy to reach right inside and get your goods!

Sock Club Review

Sock Club: packaging, note on white printer paper, and interior sock packaging

The first thing we always look for in any sock of the month club packaging is a note.

Sock Club Review

Sock Club: note on white printer paper

We pulled out a note on a crisp white piece of printer paper. The very top of the paper contains a personal message from the sender of your sock of the month club gift, and below it are two paragraphs. The first paragraph goes into detail about the specific sock you are receiving, and the second paragraph talks about how to connect with Sock Club via social media.

Sock Club Review

Sock Club: packaging, and The Highlander camp sock

Having done our due diligence, we could now finally get to the main event; the socks.

Sock Club Review

Sock Club: The Highlander camp socks next to interior packaging with red wax seal

The next thing that we pulled out of Sock Club's packaging was brown butcher paper stamped with a red wax seal. The wax seal has "SC" embossed, which gives this secondary layer of packaging a fun touch. Not wanting to break up this wax, we decided to just slide the socks inside out from the top of the butcher paper.

Sock Club Review

Sock Club: The Highlander camp sock with sleeve—front

When we pulled the socks out, we were surprised to see that they were much different from the kinds of fun socks we are used to receiving from Sock Club. To begin with, this pair of socks is wrapped in a brown sleeve that says "Camp Sock" with a black and white image of a moon over a mountain range.

Sock Club Review

Sock Club: The Highlander camp sock with sleeve—back

On the back of the sleeve, Sock Club lets you know that the yarn blend used to make these socks was made to create a unique knitted experience. We're not quite sure what this means, but we think it has something to do with their slogan.

Sock Club Review

Sock Club: Sleeve details

The back of the sleeve also gives you the material makeup of the socks and care instructions.

Sock Club Review

Sock Club: The Highlander camp sock unwrapped

As for the actual style of the socks, Sock Club explains in their letter that this pair of socks, known as the Highlander, is a camp-style sock, spun with specialty speckled yarn. They let us know that the design for this sock was inspired by the rugged beauty of the Appalachian mountains in North Carolina, which is close by to their knitting facilities.

Sock Club Review

Sock Club: The Highlander camp sock detail

As you can see the majority of the sock is an oatmeal color and the accents—toe, heel, top trim—are a navy blue, however, there are speckles of rainbow colored threads throughout the sock. This pair of socks is definitely thicker and perhaps more durable than the traditional fun sock we're used to.

All in all, this pair pair of socks is definitely a good staple for your winter wardrobe, it just might throw you off, if this isn't the type of sock you signed up to receive.

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