Foot Cardigan Review + Unboxing September 2016

Today we’ll be reviewing the well-known Sock of the Month Club, Foot Cardigan’s mens’ sock. They made a buzz when they were featured on the popular television show Shark Tank in October of 2015.

To start with, Foot Cardigan’s socks come in a gray poly mailer bag with text on the front that says “ Your feet is about to get Awsomer”

Foot Cardigan Review

I took out a  “Now You See Me” Men's Sock of the Month Club socks with a label showing the brand’s logo and says those are fantastic socks delivered to the mail every month.

Foot Cardigan Review

The color of the socks was predominantly black which can ward off dirt. It has numerous white colored alphabets which resembles an Eye Chart which is also known as the Snellen Chart. The alphabets are in different sizes and a green and red line adds hue to the mainly black socks. The heels are also colored black and the toes are in white.

Foot Cardigan Review

The quality?!... fabric is not as soft as the previous ones I’ve received. However, they’re still a bit stretchier than some of the other socks out there---well sewn, no fibers and no loose ends.  In general, I would still wear this hip, trendy and modish socks on a formal event or ordinary day. I would love to take a picture wearing these socks and have it posted on my instagram account.


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