Sock Fancy Men’s Review – May 2017

This May we're reviewing a men's sock subscription by Sock Fancy. In this particular review we are only reviewing a pair of socks from their men's sock of the month club, however, Sock Fancy also offers a women's sock of the month club membership.

Sock Fancy Review

Sock Fancy: Packaging

Sock Fancy's packaging is clean, modern, and subtle. The only colors on the package are black and white. The material of the bag is a thin, matt, plastic-like substance.

The front of the bag has only Sock Fancy's logo, the words "Sock Fancy," and their company motto "Step Up Your Sock Game" on it.

Sock Fancy Review

Sock Fancy: Father's Day Insert (Front)

Before we pull out any pair of socks, we always first search inside the bag to look for an insert. Definitely, not the most exciting approach, but our parent's always taught us to read the card before looking at the gift.

This package insert is all about Father's Day. The messaging says "Don't Cut Corners This Father's Day" on top of a grass background with a lawn mower. (Quite clever!)

Sock Fancy Review

Sock Fancy: Father's Day Insert (Back)

The back of the insert is covered in the same grass background as the front, but the text here says " Keep Dad's sock game fresh for the rest of the year by signing him up for our monthly sock subscription."

Sock Fancy Review

Sock Fancy: Men's Sock of the Month Club Packaging, Insert, and Socks

With the insert out of the way, we next pulled out Sock Fancy's men's socks for the month.

Sock Fancy Review

Sock Fancy: Men's Socks (front)

This month's men's socks have an all white background with a teal toe (both the top and heel accents are white. The only design on the sock is right below the top band, and again in the middle of the foot. The design is teal with a little bit of purple.

Sock Fancy Review

Sock Fancy: Men's Socks (back)

Many of you will recognize this iconic print from 1990's Solo cup (and plate design). This print is known as "Jazz" and it's a jagged oil-Crayon scribble in teal, layered with a thinner purple scribble on top. While this design has developed quite a cult following on it's own over the years, the hugely popular Instagram account fuckjerry has made it even more iconic by using it as his account avatar.

Sock Fancy Review

Sock Fancy: Men's Socks (detail)

Another fun fact. The creator of this design was recently discovered after a Reddit campaign decided to seek her out; and seek her out they did. The artist's name is Gina Ekiss and she submitted the Jazz design to the Sweetheart Cup Company during a company contest in 1989.

While this sock design might not be a Sock Fancy original, we have to appreciate their dedication to a cult favorite and a 1990's throwback!

Sock Fancy Men's Review - May 2017
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In general we loved these Sock Fancy throw-back socks! Sock Fancy is a great sock of the month club and we always love to review their socks.

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