Sock Fancy Men’s Review – June 2017

The month is June, and today we're reviewing a men's sock subscription from sock of the month club, Sock Fancy.

For the sake of this review we only reviewing socks from Sock Fancy's men's sock of the month club, however, they also have a women's sock of the month club you can read about on the Sock Fancy reviews page.

Sock Fancy Review

Sock Fancy: Packaging

Sock Fancy's package is pretty simple as you can see. The material is thin plastic and the only colors are matte black and white. The only things the bag has on it are the company logo, the words "Sock Fancy," the company motto "Step Up Your Sock Game," and the company website.

Sock Fancy Review

Sock Fancy: Men's Sock of the Month Club Packaging and Socks

After reaching into the bag we realized there was no package insert, so we moved straight onto the socks.

Sock Fancy Review

Sock Fancy: Men's Socks (front)

This month's mens' socks have a navy blue base with a navy blue toe accent and a navy blue heel accent. The toe accent of the sock is bright red.

Sock Fancy Review

Sock Fancy: Men's Socks (back)

The only pattern on the socks are little white dots that sit on top of the navy background (excluding the heel and top accents). When you zoom out a bit, the white dots appear to be in a circular or hexagonal pattern with a few lines of white dots connecting the different shapes.

Sock Fancy Review

Sock Fancy: Men's Socks (detail)

The quality of Sock Fancy's mens socks is extremely soft. They are the perfect thickness (not too thin so that they feel cheep and not so thick that they feel like winter socks).

While these socks might not be the brightest or the most exciting, they're definitely a good solid basic in the most patriotic of color schemes. Well done Sock Fancy!

Sock Fancy Review - June 2017
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