Sock Club Review October 2017 + Coupon Code

Happy October—today we're going to be unboxing some new socks from sock of the month club, The Sock Club. For those of you just tuning in, The Sock Club is an Austin Texas based sock of the month club for men (and men only). Sorry ladies, if you're looking for a sock of the month club, feel free to check out some of the other clubs here. Time to peel this awesome envelope open!

Sock Club: Packaging

But, just before we tear in we want to show you the front of The Sock Club's packaging. It's clean, it's a brown cardboard-like material, and it has black doodles all over it.

Sock Club: Back of packaging

When we flip the package over we can see that there is a story about the company as well as information about the socks and where they are made. At the very top you will see brown and white stripes on a bias that show us where to peel this envelope open. Yay!

Sock Club: Company note on white paper to tell the sock origin story

Inside of every package that this sock of the month club sends out, you will find a note from the founders—Dane, Layla, and Noah—on a piece of white paper. The note usually just gives an origin story about the sock and lets you know the name they've given it… Yes, it's totally normal to name socks.

Sock Club: sock interior packaging

After pulling out the note the next thing we pull out of the envelope are the socks, wrapped in brown butcher paper and sealed with a red wax stamp. We like the mystery and the formality of the packaging.

Sock Club: socks coming out of interior packaging

Rather than tearing open the seal we prefer a slow shake to reveal the socks.

Sock Club: The Harvest Sock

Ta-da! October's sock of the month is known as The Harvest sock. This sock comes accompanied by a quote from William Blake and it goes like this “In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.”

Sock Club: The Harvest Sock (front)

As you can see the majority of the sock is a charcoal gray with a more yellow than mustard colored sole, heel, and toe. From this view you can see that the yellow of the sole runs up the side of the sock all the way to the bottom of the charcoal top band.

Sock Club: The Harvest Sock (back)

The note explains that the reason for the yellow sole is that it is meant to pay homage to America's farming industry and the deep golden crop fields that famers harvest every autumn.

Sock Club: The Harvest Sock (pattern)

The only accent colors on the sock are orange, cream, and a corresponding yellow to the sole, heel, and toe. The pattern on the sock could be interpreted as crops, branches, and teepees…? However, we're not quite sure. We'll let you guys be the judge.

Sock Club: The Harvest Sock (toe detail)

As far as texture goes, these socks feel like a happy medium between thick and thin. They are pretty much the perfect thickness for the autumn season. Overall, we're happy with October's sock of the month club socks for men! And in the words of Dane, Layla, and Noah we'll leave you with this: “We hope this sock encourages you to reflect on the seeds you've sown this year and be proud of what you've accomplished.”

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