Sock Club Review December 2017 + Coupon Code

Time to check out our December package from men's only sock of the month club, Sock Club. (Easy name, we know.)

Sock Club: Packaging

This sock of the month club packages their socks in a durable brown cardboard envelope. On the front it has black little doodles of socks and some other shapes.

Sock Club: Back of packaging

On the back of the package Sock Club includes some tid-bits about their sock materials and sock process. A few of the doodles from the front of the package are repeated on the back in red.

Sock Club: Company note on white paper to tell the sock origin story

Inside of the package this monthly sock subscription includes a semi-personalized note on a sheet of white printer paper. At the top of the note there is room for someone sending the sock subscription as a gift to include a personalized message. Below the black line, Sock Club includes a little message about about the individual pair of socks being sent, as well as information about how to share your photos on social.

Sock Club: sock interior packaging

Uniquely, Sock Club double wraps their socks for the element of extra surprise. That is, they wrap their socks in brown butcher paper and stamp it with a red wax seal even though it's inside of the mailing envelope.

Sock Club: socks coming out of interior packaging

Rather than tear the paper open, we usually just shake the socks out.

Sock Club: The Rosalind Sock

The December socks of the month are called The Rosalind. The note included in the package explains that the socks are called “The Rosalind, after Rosalind Franklin, the chemist and X-ray crystallographer who was instrumental in discovering the double helix and helping us better understand DNA.”

Sock Club: The Rosalind Sock (front)

The material of this month's socks is thicker than the socks we receive normal months. These are more of a winter thickness.

Sock Club: The Rosalind Sock (back)

The colors used in the Rosalind sock are red, orange, green, and blue. The accent details of the socks—top trim, heel, and toe— are all solid navy blue.

Sock Club: The Rosalind Sock (Limited Edition Tag)

Unlike Sock Club's usual hangtag, they created a specialty tag with a graphic of a twister that reads “Twisted. Limited Release. Specially made yarn. Compression arch support.” We haven't tested the compression arch support yet, but are curious to know what it feels like from this pair of socks.

Sock Club: The Rosalind Sock (toe detail)

The note that gives background on the sock informs us that “the December sock is made by twisting two different yarns together and knitting them into the sock as one.”  As a result of this method, Sock Club stresses that no two socks are exactly alike.

Sock Club: The Rosalind Sock (pattern detail)

Sock Club hopes that “this sock serves as a reminder that though each of us is different and unique, we are all made of fundamentally the same stuff.” Very uplifting messaging for a sock, but if that's what gives you that mind, body, sock connection, then we say go for it.

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