Sock Club Review November 2017 + Coupon Code

It's time to dig into our November package, from men's only sock of the month club, Sock Club.

Sock Club: Packaging

Sock Club's packaging is a brown cardboard material with black ink doodles all over the front.

Sock Club: Back of packaging

The back of the package is solid brown with black writing and a few red doodles to illustrate some of the points iterated in the text.

Sock Club: Company note on white paper to tell the sock origin story

Once you tear open the package there is a piece of white printer paper inside that tells you a bit of background on the sock. The top of the paper also includes whatever personalized message someone has included (if there is one).

Sock Club: sock interior packaging

The only other thing in the package is a pair of socks wrapped in brown butcher paper with a red wax seal. We love that the second layer of packaging provides a little extra mystery.

Sock Club: socks coming out of interior packaging

Since we never like to ruin the perfect red wax seal we always slowly shake the socks out towards the bottom.

Sock Club: The Pinwheel Sock

Voilá! The November socks of the month are called The Pinwheel. The note from earlier explains that the socks are inspired by the tradition of quilting, most notably the Pinwheel quilt pattern.

Sock Club: The Pinwheel Sock (front)

As you can see the sock has a triangular quit pattern in navy, light blue, blue, yellow, pink, and red.

Sock Club: The Pinwheel Sock (back)

The top trim, toe, heel, and sole of the sock are all solid navy blue.

Sock Club: The Pinwheel Sock (pattern detail)

For those of you wanting to know a bit more about this pattern, heres a little history on quilting—”it originated from the need to make the most of scraps of fabric in the early days of the colonies, and grew into a truly American art form.”

Sock Club: The Pinwheel Sock (toe detail)

So wether you put these socks on under a cute pair of boots outside, or wrapped up in warm quilt inside , know that when you wear them you are giving a nod towards an age-old American tradition. That's all folks!

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