Sock Panda Review Men’s Review+ Coupon – December 2017

Tis the season to check out Sock Panda's December socks from their men's sock of the month club! While Sock Panda offers sock clubs to men, women, and children, today we're only reviewing their men's subscription.

Sock Panda: Packaging (Front)

Sock Panda's packaging stands out from your regular mail with it's bright green and white colors and its cute design. As you can see, the front of the packaging shows a black and white panda handing some bright (yellow, red, green, and white) socks to an all black turtle.

Sock Panda: Packaging (Back)

On the back of the package, above the shipping label, there is a sealed red envelope lip with the Sock Panda's social icons for sharing references.

Sock Panda: Messaging on Package

Both the front and the back of the package contain the same socially conscious messaging, which reads: “Because of you, the Sock Panda donates socks to those in need.”

Sock Panda: Packaging and December Sock

And now for the socks! This month's sock boasts a simple pattern that lacks any affiliation to a seasonal theme.

Sock Panda: December Sock (front)

That is, the majority of the sock is oatmeal color with only light blue top trim, heels, and toes.

Sock Panda: December Sock (back)

The design on the sock is a linear pattern. Half of the dashes or short lines going across the sock in a diagonal orientation are light blue and the other half of the lines going across the sock in the opposite diagonal orientation are white.

Sock Panda: December Sock (pattern close up)

The pattern kind of reminds us of very neatly organized sprinkles.

Sock Panda: December Sock (toe detail)

All in all, Sock Panda's December sock of the month is an easy pattern to pair with any business or business casual outfit. Considering both the classic pattern and the subdued colors, we think these socks could be worn just about anywhere.

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