Sock Panda Review Men’s Review+ Coupon – November 2017

We're excited to review November's socks, from sock of the month club Sock Panda.  In case you're not familiar with Sock Panda, Sock Panda is a Los Angeles based sock subscription service offering sock of the month club memberships to men, women, and children. (They're children's sock of the month club is called Panda Pals – pretty cute.) Today we are reviewing socks from their men's sock of the month club.

Sock Panda: Packaging

Sock Panda's packaging is cute, fun, and bright! The material is a thick waxy paper (probably to keep your socks safe from a little water or rain). The majority of the package is covered in white and various shades of green triangles. The top of the package says “Proud to be Panda” with a photo of a black and white panda handing a more colorful pair of socks to an all black turtle.

Sock Panda: Packaging Detail

On both the front and the back of the package, the same text appears—”Because of you, the Sock Panda donates socks to those in need”—to let you know they're a socially conscious company.

Sock Panda: Packaging and November Sock

This month's socks is topical and appropriate, considering that this sock is designed for November. Considering that November is also often referred to as Movember since many men grow out their mustaches to raise awareness for men's health issues such as testicular cancer and prostate cancer.

Sock Panda: November Sock (front)

As far as design goes, the majority of the sock is a pale yellow color with only the top trim, heel, and toe details in solid black.

Sock Panda: November Sock (back)

The only design on the sock appears in black on top of the pale yellow background.

Sock Panda: November Sock (toe detail)

The design of the sock is a variety of faceless mustaches with accompanying beards, glasses, and neck ties. We think the design is quite cute since it makes caricatures out of men's various mustache styles during Movember.

Sock Panda: November Sock (pattern close up)

As far as the socks feel they are more of a thin sock with no extra padding. We think Sock Panda did a pretty good job with their socks this month—the sock designs are cute and the colors are subdued but still fun.

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