Woven Pear Women’s Review November 2017

We're so excited to review our November sock box, from women's only sock of the month club Woven Pear! For any of you browsing this review, please know that the socks shown in this Sox Box (or monthly sock subscription), are not available for sale on the website. These socks are designed exclusively for members of Woven Pear's sock of the month club.

Woven Pear: Sock Box Packaging (Top)

It looks like Woven Pear's box got a bit of a face life this month. In previous month' the box looked as though it had printed brush strokes on the top in orange, lime green, and a more muted green. As you can see this box is simple and white, with just the pear logo and “Woven Pear” in black typeface.

Woven Pear: Sock Box Packaging (Side Angle)

From the side, we can see the bottom of the box is a patterned lime green and white, white the top of the box is pretty much solid white with some writing on the sides.

Woven Pear: Box, Socks, and Insert

When you pop open the lid, you find an insert, as well as three pairs of socks neatly stacked on top of each other.

Woven Pear: Sock Box “Wear & Share” Insert

The insert for the package mostly talks about “Wear & Share”—posting photos of your socks on various social media accounts.

Woven Pear: Hints of the Holidays Themed Sock Box Socks

Finally, onto the main event—our three pairs of socks. While one pair of socks might not fit in as much, it seems that there is a subtle winter theme to this month's socks.

Woven Pear: Camouflage Socks (Front)

The first pair of socks in this month's sock box are camouflage. They are dark green, moss green, and light blueish green, with some hints of navy blue thrown in.

Woven Pear: Camouflage Socks (Back)

The back top half of the sock is the same camouflage print as the front. The sole is a fun light pink color.

Woven Pear: Camouflage Socks (Front and Sole)

We'll get to the wording of the soles next. But as for the rest of the color detail, the toe, heel, and top trim are all navy blue (the same shade that is used in parts of the actual camouflage). There is a hot pink stripe that wraps around the top of the navy blue toe, which separates it from the camouflage print on the front and the lighter pink on the sole. The same hot pink stripe surrounds the navy blue top trim.

Woven Pear: Camouflage Socks—”Now You See Me + Now You Don't” Soles

The soles of one sock says “Now You See Me” and the sole of the other socks says “Now You Don't” in navy blue type. We appreciate the humor in the messaging given that the socks are camouflage print.

Woven Pear: Camouflage Socks (Toe Detail)

Lastly, we wanted to include a close up of the sock pattern with the hot pink stripe and the navy blue toe detail.

Woven Pear: Mistletoe Socks (Front)

The second pair of socks we took out of the sock box are mistletoe socks. We love puns! Get it, mistle—TOE, as in the toes of your socks. Haha. The body of this sock is solid white, and the only design is of a mistletoe plant. The branches of the plant are dark green and the little berries are the same hot pink as the stripe on the camouflage socks.

Woven Pear: Mistletoe Socks (Back)

The back top half of the sock is also white with mistletoe print, just like the front. The sole is a fun striped pattern alternating between hot pink and light pink.

Woven Pear: Mistletoe Socks (Front and Sole)

White the pattern of the mistletoe, is quite different to that of the stripes, there is a good tie in of color. The hot pink for the mistletoe berries is the same as the hot pink used in the stripes.

Woven Pear: Mistletoe Socks (Sole Detail)

The toe, heel, and top trim of this sock are all light bluish green (one of the colors used in the camouflage pair of socks).

Woven Pear: Mistletoe Socks (Toe Detail)

Lastly, there is a navy blue stripe that separates the toe and top trim details from the mistletoe pattern.

Woven Pear: Deer Socks (Front)

The last pear of socks we pulled out of the box are deer socks. The base color of the sock is moss green and it has decent sized navy blue deer (perhaps reindeer) as a print.

Woven Pear: Deer Socks (Back)

The top half of the back of the sock has the same deer print, while the sole of the sock is navy blue with light pink writing.

Woven Pear: Deer Socks (Front and Sole)

The toe and heel detail of this socks are the same light pink color as the writing on the sole.

Woven Pear: Deer Socks—”Would You Be A Deer?” Soles

Both of the soles  read “Would You Be A Deer?”, which is quite literal considering there is a deer pattern on the sock.

Woven Pear: Deer Socks (Toe Detail)

Just above the pink toe there is a navy blue stripe separating the accents from the base of the sock.

Woven Pear: Deer Socks (Band Detail)

Unlike the top band style of the other two socks, the deer top band is more athletic looking and has light pink and navy blue stripes. We think this is a fun look for this sock. All in all, Woven Pear does a really good job of selecting a color palette and playing out out differently across all three pairs of socks. Well done Woven Pear!

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