SprezzaBox Review

Today we're checking out SprezzaBox, a subscription box of the month club that isn't exclusive to socks. If you're not already familiar with SprezzaBox, they're a subscription box for men with a retail value around $100 per box.


Here's how SprezzaBox works—when you sign up, you choose between two plan options: $25 a month when you sign up for a 12 month term (you pay $300 upfront), or $28 a month when you sign up on a month to month term. After that you just wait until your package comes, pretty easy.

SprezzaBox Review

SprezzaBox: Packaging Exterior

As you can see, SprezzaBox packaging is a green box with light gray linear patterns on top. On the top of the box as well as on the front flap of the box, SprezzaBox is written out in large white type.

SprezzaBox Review

SprezzaBox: Packaging Interior

When you open the box you find an insert with a little note about the box on the front.

SprezzaBox Review

SprezzaBox: Insert with Detailed Product Explanations

On the backside of this same insert there is a a detailed description of the products inside.

SprezzaBox Review

SprezzaBox: All Products—Twillory Necktie, Sprezza Tie Clip, Salt + Dapper Pocket Square, Standard Shirt Collar Stays, Basic Outfitters SOcks, Steak & Scotch Lint Brush

As you can see this month's box has six different products inside all with the intention of making you that much more dapper.

When you flip open the plastic Steak & Scotch device (it kind of looks like an airplane fold out brush), you see that there is a red material inset on one side which acts as an on the go lint remover.

The gray and blue houndstooth pocket square by Salt + Dapper fits into the color scheme of both the socks and the tie that come in the box.

SprezzaBox Review

SprezzaBox: Basic Outfitters Socks

These blue and gray knitted striped socks by Basic Outfitters are quite thick, much more so than a normal dress sock. This pair of socks has more of a knitted feel and texture.

SprezzaBox Review

SprezzaBox: Twillory Necktie

The light gray tie with blue pin dots by Twillory is thin and versatile, since it's such a great neutral, in both color and pattern.

SprezzaBox Review

SprezzaBox: Sprezza Tie Clip

The Sprezza tie clip comes in heather gray tweed pouch. While simple, this particular clip has a stripe down the middle to create some extra depth and texture.

SprezzaBox Review

SprezzaBox: Standard Shirt Collar Stays in Leather Slip Pockets

The last thing in the Sprezzabox is a leather pouch filled with metal Standard Shirt collar stays. These stays come in two different sizes to make sure that your shirt collars never look sloppy again.

All in all this is definitely a very gentlemanly box that would benefit you if you're looking to up your game at work.

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