Sock Panda Reviews

We just love the Sock Panda! Each month Sock Panda sends us several sock’s to review for them. They are all so much fun and have a lot of personality. Our Sock Panda reviews are in depth and give you the opportunity to find out if Sock Panda is the best sock club for you to join. We have videos on unboxing their socks (spoiler alert: their kids sock club packaging is awesome) and in depth articles reviewing the socks that they send us. Browse below to learn more about the Sock Panda.

Panda Pals Review

Panda Pals Review – Sock Panda Kids

This month we're reviewing two pairs of socks from Sock Panda, one of Fun Sock Club's partners. This particular sock subscription review is from Panda Pals, otherwise known as Sock Panda's sock of the month …